In this topsy-turvy, up and down, what’s next kind of year, it feels kind of quiet right now.  I hope I didn’t just jinx us!

At HR Elements, we’ve used the last several weeks, this relatively quiet moment, to review our 2020 plans and start planning for 2021.  Our team came to the conclusion that it’s time to trash 2020.  We realized we can’t move into the new year with the same mindset so it is time to recalibrate.  We made a list of items that we needed to focus on to prepare for any potential storms that may lie ahead and to position us for a strong 2021 planning session.  You may find our short list helpful for your business.

  1. Check all internal connections Like most businesses, we have been conducting staff meetings over Zoom. Not everyone is comfortable sharing in this type of setting so as a Senior Leader, I am making an effort to reach out to my direct reports individually, to make sure they feel heard.  It’s important to connect in any size of business. Mid-size or large-scale companies may need to intentionally coordinate, with the executive team reaching out to management teams and the management teams cascading to all levels.  The end result is to make sure everyone is feeling connected and all concerns are heard.  Pay close attention to hear something that could impact your approach to planning and execution.
  2. Determine if realignment is necessary  Once you start charting your course for a new year, you need to do two things: Be transparent with the team on the direction you’re headed and determine if you have the right team in place to get you there.  We recently completed this process at HR Elements.  The pandemic helped us realize that we could be more efficient and productive with some minor adjustments in roles and responsibilities.  Playing to individual strengths, we  shook up the org chart and it has been extremely positive for the team.
  3. Restock the emergency kit Many of you had to get creative this year to keep the team engaged and to transcend your work culture to a virtual setting.  Businesses deemed essential looked for ways to keep employees safe while showing appreciation.  Now is the time to restock and plan for 2021.  We are working on a culture plan that will allow us to see our resource gaps so that we can budget for them in 2021. We mentioned in our blog post “Plan on Investing in Your Greatest Asset” that spending on employee health and wellness is an increasing line item in the budget.  It should be, especially during this time.  Providing resources that keep the stress level low and show you care has never been more vital.

HR Elements focuses on recruitment, employee development and performance.  The performance element includes providing resources that allow leaders to connect with employees.  The need to recalibrate work-life balance, relieve stress and be more empathetic to individual situations is paramount. If this is a calm before the storm, it makes sense to take a moment to scan the horizon and plan accordingly.  Your employees will thank you for it.

Drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing and how you’re planning for 2021!


Tina Taylor