How Your Health Plan May Be Affected by Rising Costs

COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact on the cost of care. For example: Hospital operating margins were in the negative the first two months of 2022, as a result of decreasing inpatient stays and a sluggish return to outpatient services. Labor costs continue to increase due to a widespread labor shortage, particularly of nursing […]

The 4 Ps of Communications

What is the number one skill employees feel lacks in their manager?  It’s communication.  And 97% of workers believe that communication impacts tasks every day.  Internal communications is about giving your staff the big picture and the tools to collaborate.  It helps show employees in different departments they are all part of the same endeavor, […]

Workplace Outlook

Market Recap With the new year come new opportunities to attract and retain top performers. This is when employers can strategize about the most effective ways to tap into talent pipelines. In 2022, that means adapting recruiting strategies based on efforts that worked well during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic disrupted recruitment significantly and […]

3 Tips for Strengthening the Virtual Recruiting Experience

Perhaps one of the most enduring legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic is remote work. In early 2020, seemingly overnight, thousands of workers were sent home to work to protect operations and employee health. Even as the pandemic subsides and businesses reopen their doors, remote work isn’t going anywhere. That’s because there are various benefits that […]

Ready for open enrollment?

It’s time for open enrollment. This edition of HR Brief Newsletter discusses tips for preparing for open enrollment with a hybrid workforce, and provides details on how employers have even more time to submit equal employment opportunity (EEO-1) workforce data from 2019 and 2020. Don’t just think about benefits in October. Open enrollment is something […]

How to deal with a labor shortage.

It’s everywhere you look.  There are help wanted signs, we’re hiring banners, newsfeeds taken over by recruiting posts and it’s the biggest concern we hear on a daily basis.  A labor shortage is frustrating and bad for business at any time but we’re quickly learning that a global pandemic is only exacerbating the situation. We can’t change […]

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee surveys focus on employee satisfaction, it’s assumed happy employees will be more productive and you’ll experience higher retention rates. However, a more telling determinant of productivity and performance is employee engagement. Employees can enjoy their work and be satisfied without being necessarily engaged. Engaged employees are more than just satisfied with their jobs; they […]

Is a self-funded benefit plan the way to go?

A growing number of U.S. employers are making the switch to self-insuring as a way to reduce costs and improve service. Self-insuring or self-funding is not right for every organization. Employers considering a switch from fully funded to self-funded health plans should analyze the advantages and disadvantages before making the switch. What is it?  According […]

Should You Rethink the Annual Performance Review

According to management research firm CEB, 42 percent of employees consider annual reviews ineffective, mainly due to the feedback coming at the end of the year when it has almost no relevance.   The primary purpose of annual reviews is to hold employees up to, typically, a quantitative standard, rather than to assess granular performance and […]

4 Recruiting Trends in 2021

The recruiting challenges that businesses faced pre-pandemic are not going away. In fact, COVID has only complicated matters. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, be prepared to adapt to the changing recruiting landscape. Here are some recruiting practice trends to monitor in 2021. 1. Looking Inward for Talent Recruiting is a […]