As a business, it’s important to consider the following while our community recovers from the tornados:

Employee support for those directly affected by the tornados: The first step to supporting affected employees is to get organized and assign a point of contact.

Do any of your employees have transportation or technology issues as a result of the tornados?

It’s important to make EAP services easily accessible.

How will you handle time off for those affected by the tornados and those who want to volunteer with recovery efforts?

Is your affected employee eligible for FMLA due to the tornado?

What community outreach and support does your business wish to provide?

Will your staffing plan require supplemental or alternative support during recovery efforts?

Will your insurance plans be affected?

Support for your HR team!

Don’t forget employees indirectly affected by the tornados.

Is your business aware of the current spread of communicable disease, Hepatitis A?

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