Successful businesses may have struck some element of luck. They launched with a built-in customer source or maybe they entered a market when the timing was just right. A business that sustains a level of success, over a prolonged period of time, knows that luck will only take you so far. At some point, a plan is needed for sustainable growth.

The health of a business takes center stage in planning. Just as you would put together a plan to achieve your personal wellness goals, you do the same for a company. It starts by investing time in an organizational health review.  To put a business on the path to continued growth, you need to assess where you are, define where you want to be and then create a plan that will bring you results.

The wellness of an organization depends on the three main Ps – people, profit, and productivity.  If we were to use an iceberg analogy, those three Ps are what you see bobbing along above water.  Below the surface, there are many layers that feed into each element.  For example, it’s not enough to ask the question, “Do I have the right people in the right seats?”  To find that answer, you need to go below the surface.

It’s very tempting to jump right to the answer without fully vetting the question.  It’s also easy to get lost going down rabbit holes that only create more questions.  There’s a balance to strike.

With over 35 years of experience, I’ve been helping businesses navigate the process of planning for sustainable growth.  And it is a process.  One that includes a deep dive into every facet of a business.  You may be asking, “What does this have to do with HR?”  Everything!  Most businesses are people driven.  A successful and healthy organization can easily make that connection.



Is this the year when you plan for business success?  If so, HR Elements is here to guide, facilitate and roll up our sleeves to get you the results you want.  We’ll start with an organizational health review to identify gaps that impact your people, profit and productivity.  Let’s connect and talk about next steps.  Learn more.


Walt Rodgers

Director Organization Development  / HR Elements