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Scale to Fit Your Needs, Your Way

The pressures of today’s labor market — dramatically low unemployment and fierce competition for talent — make the challenges that executives and business owners face even more difficult. We’re here to help you gain control, feel confident and get your business moving forward.

How do you know when it’s time for an HR partner?  

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Business Woman

To tackle that 
HR project

“HR Elements helps me to tackle those time consuming HR projects. It’s like they’re putting a few more hours back in to my day.”
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For small businesses looking to grow​

“As a small business owner, I can finally take HR duties off of my job description and focus on the business and customers, knowing HR Elements has my back.”

For added HR support​

“Overseeing HR can be daunting but having HR Elements as my partner gives me the extra confidence, and the extra hand, I need to stay compliant.”


Although we customize packages for each client, here are some HR solutions to fit your business size.  

1 - 30 Employees
31 - 89 Employees​
90+ Employees

We work across the employee lifecycle, supporting all HR elements from hiring, employee performance, development and ongoing training.

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Get Onsite HR Assistance

Having a trusted and experienced HR Advisor available onsite sets HR Elements apart from the rest. Onsite support allows your HR Advisor to become a part of your team and company culture to provide the very best support.