Does anyone still have a paper calendar?  There is something rewarding about calendars and agendas.  They serve as a physical reminder and provide a sense of accomplishment.  Before flipping to the last page of the year, it’s hard to resist the urge to turn back through the pages and take a quick flip down memory lane.  It’s always important, before putting a period at the end of the year, to take a moment and look back.  What went as planned?  What did I learn?  What didn’t I see coming?

It’s safe to say, the answers for 2020 will be much different than any other year–just like the year itself.  Very little went as planned, there was much to learn, and no, we didn’t see this coming.

For HR Elements, 2020 was a very busy year.  We experienced growth while helping other businesses through the people challenges of working remotely through a pandemic.  It was more than updating workplace policies.

We spent 2020 helping leaders work through a new way of communicating with their teams.  We partnered with executives to restructure their workforce.  We carried the HR baton so that business owners could focus on recalculating a revenue course.  We created accountability measures for employees to stay engaged.

As a leader, hit pause and reflect back on the year.  Through all of the challenges, 2020 also provided us with a chance to look at everything differently.

HR Elements is an outsource HR resource for small to mid-sized businesses.  We help businesses address these concerns (and more) on a daily basis with certified HR professionals.

So don’t resist.  Take a moment and flip back through the year.  What can you change for the year ahead?  And remember, you have a partner here to help you.


Tina Taylor
President of HR-Elements