Every step of the way

Each step is designed around your business needs and company culture.

  • Positioning the company brand and culture with strategies that attract the right candidates.
  • Creating attraction and retention strategies that support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.
  • Applying interviewing techniques unique to the role, the culture, and the team.
  • Deploying innovative pre- and post-interview assessments to understand potential hires on a deeper level for overall fit.
  • Understanding the whole candidate through a blend of interviewing styles that establish trust, confirm qualifications, and ensure culture fit.

Elements of Organizational Development


Identify the competencies and skills required to achieve your organization’s goals.

  • Mission, Vision, & Values Development
  • Retention Initiatives
  • Building a Conscious Culture

Performance Metrics

Set expectations, objectively measure accountability to achieve organization goals.

  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • KPI’s
  • Leveraging HCM Data


Employee Experience

Gain insights into the employee experience to foster a positive and productive culture.

  • Team Coaching
  • Career Conversations
  • Goal Setting
  • Recognition Strategies

Organizational Structure

Streamline your organization’s structure to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Internal Communications
  • Organizational Design
  • Workforce/Succession Planning

Talent Development

Assess and develop competencies of your workforce through feedback and coaching.

  • Coaching
  • Training & Development
  • Career Pathing
  • Assessments
  • 360’s


Turn to HR Elements for your workplace and management training needs.

  • New Leader Crash Course
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Feedback for Accountability
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Effective 1 on 1’s
  • Management 101
  • Management 201

Organizational Structure

Building a solid foundation for success

Organizational structure defines how roles, responsibilities, and authority are distributed within your company. A well-designed structure not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters clear communication, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Workforce/Succession Planning

Plan your talent for the future.

Knowing what your organization’s talent needs are today and years from now are crucial to ongoing business growth and success. Identify high potential talent and keep them engaged, challenged, and provide stretch assignments so they are ready for future roles with your organization.


Building a conscious culture

Building a Conscious Culture starts with aligning your company’s values and vision. HR Elements helps you assess your current culture and compare it with your vision for the future.


Feedback to high-potentials

Leaders gain knowledge of their personal strengths and development areas by participating in the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) 360 evaluation.

Employee Engagement

Fostering a healthy organizational culture

Engaged employees are the backbone of a successful organization, contributing to increased productivity, higher retention rates, and overall business growth.

Employment Branding

Shaping your employer reputation

At HR Elements, we recognize the critical role of Employment Branding in attracting and retaining top talent. An employer’s brand encompasses the entirety of the employment experience, portraying the organization’s reputation as a place to work and its unique employee value proposition

Career Development

Employee growth and engagement within your organization.

Employees need a resource to go to for counsel regarding the next steps in their career within your organization. Asking questions, providing insight and talking through needed training, coaching and career opportunities within your organization keep employees engaged, challenged, and committed.

Mission. Vision. Value Development

Your business foundation starts here.

Celebrating success is important for employee engagement but in order to know when you’ve achieved success you need to identify your business goals and have a strategic plan to achieve them.

Organizational Strategy

Living your mission and values

A successful organizational strategy goes beyond having a mission and values written on a wall. It is about ensuring that every employee knows and understands your mission and feels it in their everyday work. HR Elements assist in creating a culture where your values are not just words, but principles that drive decision making and behavior across the organization.

Internal Communications

Communication starts with a good plan


Effective communication can foster meaningful working relationships between you and your staff, which in turn can improve morale and productivity.

A recent survey indicated:– 97% of workers believe that communication impacts everyday tasks– 28% of employees cite poor communication as the reason for being unable to deliver work on time.

Team Effectiveness

Boost the effectiveness of your team with HR Elements

Leaders aiming for high performance must harmonize employee well-being with their output. Evaluate your team’s setup, pinpoint skill gaps, and promote collaboration to drive sustainable results. HR Elements offers the tools and expertise to foster motivating and collaborative team cultures, leading to unparalleled success.

M&A Cultural Integration

Working toward a common goal

Mergers bring a whole host of emotions for your people. Investing in services like strategic planning, team rebuilding, and communication helps proactively address potential questions and concerns, getting everyone moving forward, working toward a common goal. Protect your employer brand and your financial investment by caring for your people. They are your biggest asset and critical for your success.


A data-driven practice that takes a holistic approach to improving an organization’s capability and bottom line.

When is it Time for an Organizational Development Partner?

Employee turnover is surprisingly high and you’re unsure what to do

You want to create a work environment where people are accountable, motivated and performing at their best, but don’t know where to start

You’re unsure if you have the right organizational structure for the future growth of your business
You spend more time hiring, coaching, and training instead of growing your business