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Proactive organizational planning for the future

Organizational Development is the systematic process of aligning your people strategy with your business strategy, which is key to unlocking the hidden potential of your team. We partner with leaders to uncover the needs of their team and deliver tailored solutions to enhance the organization’s culture and help leaders and employees thrive. 

We understand that every organization is unique, facing its own challenges and opportunities. Our seasoned team of advisors brings a wealth of experience across industries and organizations of all sizes, and we’re dedicated to tailoring our approach to your specific needs. So, let’s embark on this journey of success together!


Create the environment that attracts the talent aligned with your vision, mission and values. 

Mission, Vision, & Values Development 

Building a Conscious Culture
Employer Reputation
Creating an Inclusive Environment
Merger and Acquisition 
Culture and Integration


Gain insights into the employee experience to foster a positive and productive culture.

Employee Engagement

Employee Stay and Exit Surveys

Total Reward Strategy

Onboarding and Orientation

Career Path Development



Organizational Planning

Plan for your organization’s future to increase efficiency and effectiveness for growth.

Organization Structure

Succession Planning

Workforce Strategy

Leadership Development


Build competencies of your workforce through training and development experiences.


Team Building

360 Feedback

Behavioral Assessments



Improve employee skills for performance and productivity.

We offer industry-leading training, which can be tailored to your organization:

  • New Leader Crash Course
  • Leading with Empathy
  • Communication Essentials
  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • Feedback for Accountability
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution 

Organizational Design

Building a solid foundation for success

Organizational structure defines how roles, responsibilities, and authority are distributed within your company. A well-designed structure not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters clear communication, collaboration, and employee engagement.

A well-designed structure not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters clear communication, collaboration, and employee engagement. 

Workforce Planning

Proactively evaluate and plan for future talent

Knowing what your organization’s talent needs are today and years from now are crucial to ongoing business growth and success. 

Identify high potential talent and keep them engaged, challenged, and provide stretch assignments so they are ready for future roles with your organization.


Building a conscious culture

Build the culture that aligns with your company’s mission, values and vision. 

HR Elements helps you assess your current culture, compare it with your vision for the future and establish the proper communication needed to align the entire organization.

Leadership Development

Leverage employee strengths and support their career goals

As leaders we have the power to inspire and support employees in their journey towards professional growth. 

Providing guidance and discussing valuable training and career opportunities enable employees to feel valued, motivated, and committed to the organization’s success. 

Invest in your people and empower them to reach their full potential.

Employee Engagement

Stay in tune with employee morale so you can adjust as needed 

Conducting periodic Stay and Pulse surveys are excellent tools to understand morale of an organization.  It can be a warning sign of future turnover or low productivity.  

Managers who are able to recognize the signs and adjust to the needs of their team by increased communication, team building, recognition and rewards will save time and money by retaining their talent.

Employer Branding

Shaping your employer reputation

At HR Elements, we recognize the critical role of Employment Branding in attracting and retaining top talent. An employer’s brand encompasses the entirety of the employment experience, portraying the organization’s reputation as a place to work and its unique employee value proposition


Support employees with proper coaching

A professional resource to help employees transition to their next career shows compassion. Even though terminations and lay-offs can be tough for everyone involved, offering outplacement services can lessen the stress and help exiting workers find new jobs. Plus, it can improve your company’s reputation and reduce the cost of unemployment claims. Support your employees during transitional phases.

Mission. Vision. Value Development

Your business foundation starts here.

Establishing and communicating your  mission, vision, and values is crucial for providing a sense of purpose, guiding decision-making, fostering a positive culture, and building strong relationships with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

M&A HR Integration

Maximize the value of your new talent 

We understand that mergers can be intimidating, but we believe that open communication is the key to success. We are excited to work with you to create a thriving workplace culture built on our unique strengths. Our team will support you every step of the way, from managing the practical aspects of the transaction to helping you navigate the emotional side of the process. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, so you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly what you need to propel your business forward. Let’s work together to unlock the full potential of your talent acquisition!

Assessment Tools

Discover the power of behavioral traits

Get to know your team better and build stronger relationships with behavioral personality assessment tools. By understanding the motivations behind their behavior, you can make informed decisions about hiring, nurturing employees, and developing your organization’s future leaders. 

Our data provides automatic notifications to each participant about their own tendencies and those of their colleagues, leading to improved performance, collaboration, and personal growth.

Team Effectiveness

Collaboration is key to success!

The best leaders know that a supportive and collaborative team environment is crucial. 

At HR Elements, we provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate your team’s needs, identify skill gaps, and create a culture that fosters motivation and cooperation. The result? Sustainable success and unparalleled results! 

Let us help you build a dynamic team that’s ready to take your organization to the next level.