Empathetic support shows compassion to employees

The decision to downsize, rightsize or lay off employees is not an easy choice. It creates uncertainty for those who exit the organization and for those who remain. Outplacement Services by Mainsail HR addresses the needs of your organization, your retained employees, and the employees exiting your organization. Investing in outplacement counseling by providing career coaching services to the exiting employees, eases the transition and shows your remaining employees that you care for your people especially in challenging times. How you treat employees when they exit is as important as how you treat them when you hire them. 

Why invest in transition services? 
Protect your employer brand.

Taking care of separating employees makes a meaningful statement to separating and retained employees.

Enable your separated employees to move on faster.

Those who use outplacement services find work faster than those who do not. The personalized resources show compassion through the process and allow employees to strategically focus on their next step instead of on the layoff. 

Care for your retained employees.

Those who remain often face survivor guilt. Invest in strategic planning, team rebuilding, and communication to help proactively address their questions and concerns, getting everyone moving forward, working toward a common goal. 

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