Mergers & Acquisitions - HR Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence, Transition, and Cultural Integration

HR Elements’ experienced resources come alongside you from the very start of a merger, increasing your capacity and bringing expertise to help you navigate the emotions and work required before, during, and after the transaction. Our team eases the stress of the transition by ensuring your operations aren’t interrupted and that you’re taking care of your people.

Conducting due diligence and risk mitigation services from the people perspective, by reviewing policies, procedures, programs and identifying redundancies. We will evaluate any potential or current litigation, employment law issues, employee benefit plans and performance management processes. Through this diligence, we help uncover risk and identify areas of opportunity.

Mergers bring a whole host of emotions for your people. Investing in services like strategic planning, team rebuilding, and communication helps proactively address potential questions and concerns, getting everyone moving forward, working toward a common goal. Protect your employer brand and your financial investment by caring for your people. They are your biggest asset and critical for your success.

This may be exciting for the organization, but it will be stressful for your employees. We are with you every step of the way playing a critical role in the transition. We approach each client with a commitment to provide customized services that fit your needs.


• Creating a unified employee benefits program

• Aligning job descriptions and compensation

• Performance & Change management

• Merging HRIS/Payroll systems

• Converting Benefit plans

• Redocumenting I9’s



• Provide a communication resource for employees

• Training managers and leaders on people change management

• Addressing workload changes and organizational changes

• Retention programs and incentive plans

• Empathetic offboarding programs and outplacement services

• Providing encouragement, and emotional support as a resource while your managers are handling customer communication



• Organizational development and strategic planning

• Mission, Vision, Values alignment and redefinition

• Now, next, future org structure

• Building empathetic intentional communications plans for varying audiences

• Employee engagement, retention, and training programs