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HR Elements New Leader Crash Course - registration open to all!

It doesn’t take long for new leaders to hit bumps in the road as they transition from individual contributor to leading a team. Our New Leader Crash Course gives new managers a roadmap to help them anticipate turns in the road and avoid unwanted detours.

Through interactive sessions, participants will gain practical insights and strategies that they can immediately apply in their supervisory roles. We’ll start with core leadership responsibilities and examine which leadership styles are most effective, addressing where many new leaders take a wrong turn. We’ll tackle some challenges of managing former peers with strategies for building credibility, and participants will learn how to manage their time and workload more efficiently.  By the end of the day, participants will be better equipped to lead their teams effectively, drive performance, and contribute to the overall success of their organization.



HR Elements Leadership Matters: Employee Wellbeing - Creating a Safe and Trusting Environment

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Dean Dorton: Building a Culture for High Performance



Communication Essentials For Managers

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership. In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business, managers need to master the art of communication to lead their teams, inspire confidence, and achieve organizational goals. Communication Essentials for Managers by HR Elements is a comprehensive leadership training program designed to equip current and aspiring managers with the essential communication skills and strategies needed to excel in their roles. We will be offering 4 1-hour training sessions at $299 each. Attend the whole day for only $1,000! This day will surely give you additional tools to equip you for success.



HR Elements Leadership Matters: What's Scary to You as A Manager?

The next installment of our Leadership Matters Series as we talk about the most common workplace fears – failure, team underperformance, employee morale, losing or finding people and how you can overcome them. Learn practical strategies that you can use to create a thriving and engaged culture to reduce stress for yourself and your team.



Sarasorta Society for HR Management: Organizational Effectiveness



Dean Dorton, Board Oversight and Risk Management: Recruit and Retain



Charitable Advisors: Annual Compensation



HR Elements Leadership Matters: Organizational Effectiveness



Charitable Advisors: Attraction and Retention in Non-profits