Outsourced HR Common Questions

So, how does this work?

When you need assistance with HR, you certainly don’t want it to consume more of your precious time. This is a sentiment shared by most businesses when they first approach us at HR Elements. They are often overwhelmed with the complexity of HR requirements and the effort required to keep their employees happy and productive.

You may be questioning whether outsourcing HR would be effective. We can assure you that based on our over 17 years of experience, not only does it work, but it works incredibly well. In fact, you might even wonder why it took you so long to contact us.

At HR Elements, we spend time understanding your organization, its people, its culture, and what makes it unique. We then identify which HR areas would benefit most from our involvement. Once we’ve tailored our services to your specific needs, we seamlessly integrate ourselves into your organization, as if we’ve always been there.

We make it our mission to know your team intimately and focus on enhancing every HR aspect we manage for you. With an approach marked by unparalleled five-star service, we handle your HR needs as if they were our own. That’s the HR Elements way.

Any business, small or large, can benefit from our services. Our HR solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes across various industries. If you’re looking to simplify your HR operations and want a more efficient, streamlined approach, HR Elements is a perfect fit for you.

Most HR firms are staffed with subcontractors. We are all employees of HR Elements and receive full competitive benefits and compensation. What this means for you as a client is that we have quality control measures in place to ensure the highest level of client support and a great client experience. Our Advisors work together to solve client’s needs and provide backup support during time off or when extra assistance is needed. We are also unique because we offer Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition and HR Management all under one organization. This provides a unique client experience.

If you don’t have an immediate need, we recommend you start with an HR Assessment. Check out the details under HR Management services.

Yes, our Advisors understand that you are busy and are coming to us for our advice, guidance and proactive action oriented approach.

Every client has one primary HR Advisor as their main point of contact. This Advisor will identify and coordinate specialists (Recruiters, Compensation, OD) as needed. The Managing Director for your area will check in periodically on your client experience and will serve as the Advisor’s backup in case of emergency.

NO, we are unique in our industry because all work is completed by a W2 employee.

We have clients with 5 – 40,000 employees


HR Elements serves clients in almost every industry. Our largest industries served are Non Profits, Construction, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Yes, we call it a subscription commitment and is typically offered from 10-80 hours per month. The number of monthly hours is totally up to the client’s needs and budget. Clients receive a flat monthly invoice each month. If they need more hours during a busier time of year, HR coverage or vacations, we will still provide services, however, the client will receive a second invoice to cover the overage hours.

The details...

If you have less than 100 employees, you likely do not need a full-time HR professional. It can be hard to find a part-time HR professional with the skill set and experience needed for success. If you have more than 130 employees, then we would advise you to hire a full-time HR professional on your payroll. The average salary for a SHRM certified professional with 10+ years experience is $140k. This does not include the additional non-compensation costs which average 25% more. This person might not have the experience in all the HR disciplines.

We understand that you might be curious about how we’ll integrate with and complement your existing team. This is a question we would also ask if we were in your position. To start, let’s discuss the qualifications needed to become part of the HR Elements team. Our team members must possess a formal HR education, hands-on experience, a strong work ethic, an exceptional focus on customer service, and the ability to adapt to various cultures. After determining your specific needs, we’ll assign the team members whose HR expertise best matches your requirements. They will seamlessly integrate into your systems, culture, and environment, functioning as integral parts of your team.

Yes, we can. HR Elements provides both ongoing HR support and assistance with one-time projects. Our services include everything from policy and handbook development, compliance audits, and compensation plan design, to one-off HR projects that require specialized expertise.

You might presume that if you’re struggling to find suitable candidates, then an external agency will surely face the same challenge. However, our track record speaks for itself – our combination of experience, dedication, and advanced tools has consistently enabled us to source the best fit for various roles. Our objective is to execute all necessary procedures to ensure your company becomes a magnet for the right talent. We are committed to taking on all recruitment responsibilities from your plate, investing the requisite time and energy to identify exceptional candidates. We can equip you with advanced recruitment tools, without necessitating a long-term commitment from you — tools such as a professional applicant tracking system for managing resumes and monitoring applicant progress, video interviewing resources, and more. We comprehend the significance of your need to hire efficiently and effectively, and we’re here to facilitate exactly that.

Absolutely! If you believe your hiring process could use some improvement, we’re here to collaborate with you to determine the best course of action. The landscape of recruitment has transformed significantly, and we pride ourselves on staying current with modern hiring strategies and techniques to attract top talent. It’s vital to get the hiring process right, considering the importance of securing the right individuals for your organization. If your procedure requires only minor adjustments, we’ll honestly communicate that, assisting you in fine-tuning it to reach its maximum potential. Discover more about our Hiring Management service.

We understand that you’re looking to avoid unnecessary expenditure on unfruitful hiring processes. Our methodology enables us to tackle even the most challenging positions. We can assist you in honing the strategies necessary to attract suitable candidates. Our experience spans across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, engineering, professional services, not-for-profit sectors, education, private foundations, and retail, among others. There’s a high probability that we’ve previously collaborated with an organization similar to yours.