Attract Top Talent

Find the Right Talent who Aligns with your Culture

Attract candidates so you have a bench of qualified talent to select from now and in the future

In today’s competitive landscape, finding and retaining top-tier talent is more challenging than ever. Recruiting is about finding the right individuals who align with your company’s culture, values, and long-term goals.

We have a holistic approach to helping you attract the right talent.  We provide feedback on your employer reputation, compensation and benefits competitiveness, and cultural alignment with candidates. 

Our services are provided full-service from job posting to job offers on a percentage or hourly pricing model.

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Sourcing & Screening

Identify and target your ideal next hire

A robust sourcing strategy is a necessity in today’s market. Relying on “posting and praying” for candidates to apply for a position opening won’t deliver the efficiency or quality organizations need. 

We proactively and deliberately seek out targeted candidate profiles that match your hiring criteria–ensure you’re connecting with the right candidates in the most efficient way.



Ask thoughtful and appropriate questions 

We go beyond the resume to better understand the whole candidate. We create specific questions aligned with the job, organizational culture and team interaction to uncover critical insight and expose red flags.  

Our Recruiters thoroughly review the candidate’s work history– uncovering specific reasons for joining, staying, or leaving prior organizations. Making a bad hire can be a costly mistake. 

Let us help you objectively find the best fit for long term success.


Use additional tools to understand behaviors key to success

Pre-employment assessments fill the gap between the resume and the interview, allowing hiring managers to make more fully informed decisions. 

In addition, the results can be used throughout the employee lifecycle providing managers coaching tips and valuable insight into their team from day one.

Interview Guides

Understand key success factors and ask the right questions

Interview guides play a critical role in facilitating fair, thorough, and effective interviews that support informed hiring decisions and contribute to the overall success of the recruitment process.

They provide consistency, alignment with job requirements, comprehensive assessment, efficiency, interview preparedness, legal compliance and an elevated candidate experience.


Market Based Compensation

Stay current with competitive compensation data

Competitive compensation is a key component of a successful talent management strategy, helping organizations attract, retain and motivate top talent to achieve objectives. 

We subscribe and use ERI data (Economic Research Institute), a robust database of compensation data by company size, industry, region and role responsibilities. 

Employer Reputation

Shaping your employer image

We recognize the critical role your employer reputation plays in attracting and retaining talent. 

An employer’s brand encompasses the entirety of the employment experience, portraying the organization’s reputation as a place to work and its unique employee value proposition.  

We review your online presence and collect feedback from candidates and employees to help you look your best.

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