The 3 P’s of Showing Appreciation

Let’s face it – we’re happier when we’re grateful.   Showing your gratitude to employees year-round is important, even more important this year.  Employees are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety, anything from health concerns to childcare challenges to continuing to do a great job in a rapidly changing work environment.

During this years’ crisis, it has been more important than ever to take the time to thank others.  To keep employees connected, help staff feel valued, and generate generosity.   Most understand the benefits of showing appreciation and thanks but more often we fail to  express it and often much less at work.  Expressing your thanks and appreciation often falls off the to do lists as leaders are busy putting out fires throughout each day.

So, you know the importance of showing your appreciation and thanks to staff, but how do you make the time to do it?

Showing thanks and appreciation does not have to be time consuming.  A simple thank you call or note goes a long way.  Try implementing one or more of the 3 P’s below this week and watch as your employee’s engagement increases:

We all want to keep our top performers engaged and committed to doing great things.  By taking 5-10 minutes each day to show your team and individual staff you appreciate and thank them you are increasing retention and performance.  Both impacting the bottom line.  Need more help and ideas demonstrating appreciation and thanks?  Contact HR Elements today!


Jessica Ondrovic

Market Director
SHRM-Sr Certified Professional