The end of any year can seem very chaotic for most employers. In addition to the standard managerial and financial reporting, projections and staffing updates, there are myriad planning details that need to be added to the agenda for there start of the new year. At HR Elements, we are constantly asked by our clients for reminders and suggestions to help get the new year off on the right foot. Below are some of our top suggestions for any employer looking to really make an impact with their employees at the start of the New Year!

Schedule Employee Goal Setting Meetings as a follow up to Performance Reviews

If you used Q4 to meet and discuss performance with your employees, you undoubtedly spent time discussing goals for their 2024. Regardless of if these are performance based goals or personal development based goals, it’s an excellent idea to begin scheduling these meetings now! Not only will this allow employees time to think about how they want to approach these goals but also shows that you are serious in your support of their growth and development.

Solicit Employee volunteers for internal culture committees

A fantastic way for employers to empower their employees is to have them create and drive initiatives through internal committees. Our clients have reported excellent feedback when encouraging their employees to plan social, charitable and training committees with their staff. Allowing employees to have a vocal say in some of the planning and budgeting for these committees will lead to a higher trust and engagement score on employee satisfaction surveys and can be a driver of retention in 2024.

Start selecting employee feedback tools to be used throughout the year

Regardless of if your organization is planning an extensive employee feedback survey or if your planning to implement a quarterly feedback system – don’t wait until January to get started! Conversations around these tools should be taking place in management meetings now so that you can communicate the plan to your employees in the new year. Our HR Elements Organizational Design team is hard at work putting together tools for our clients right now so that they are ready to roll out in Q1 of 2024. This is a fantastic way to bridge the cumbersome “communications gap” that many of our clients report that their employees experience. If you’d like some help in considering some options for your organization, we’d be happy to have a conversation with you on tools that are available!

We hope that these reminders are helpful to you as you begin planning for your 2024 Human Resource initiatives in the upcoming year. 

The outsourced consulting team at HR elements is ready to assist in implementing any of these January to do list items! Reach out to your HR Advisor or setup a time to chat now!