It’s everywhere you look.  There are help wanted signs, we’re hiring banners, newsfeeds taken over by recruiting posts and it’s the biggest concern we hear on a daily basis.  A labor shortage is frustrating and bad for business at any time but we’re quickly learning that a global pandemic is only exacerbating the situation.
We can’t change the pandemic.  In fact, there are many elements that are out of your control when it comes to a labor shortage.  That doesn’t mean you throw in the towel.  Here are four areas to review:
    • Start with the obvious, why would anyone want to work for you?  We’ve mentioned this before in our blog but it’s worth repeating.  You need to get the answer to this question from the people that already work for you.  Is the culture a place where someone will feel safe and welcomed?  How does your compensation and benefits package compare with other businesses?  If you want to compete, you have to do an internal assessment and start with your existing employees by asking the questions and then doing something with the information you gathered.
    • Bring marketing into the HR department.  Put your best foot forward by promoting your business to the outside recruiting world.  Do a review on how you’re positioning your business.  Does your messaging accurately reflect your business?  Are you capturing your work culture from an online point of view?  Is your messaging consistent throughout your website, recruitment posts, social media,  job descriptions and internal communications?  Team up with marketing and get creative so that you stand out!
    • Now is the time for recruiting assistance.  Some companies steer away from the additional cost of paying for outside staffing services. Weigh the benefits with the price.  You’ll save yourself the time (aka money) on the recruitment process.  An outside service will help in sourcing candidates and determining if they’re a right cultural fit through an extensive screening process.  This will make for a much more successful interview process.
    • Take a look from within.  Give yourself permission to take some time and assess your existing HR landscape and then ask yourself a few questions.  Do you really need to hire someone? Do you already have the talent you need?  Is it time to redefine job descriptions?  Can additional training elevate a current team member into a new role?  Is everyone in the right seat?  Turn to our talent gap analysis to get started on a review.
HR Elements offers outsourced services designed to follow your talent throughout the employee lifecycle, beginning with recruitment and culture building.  Let us know how we can help.