What is the number one skill employees feel lacks in their manager?  It’s communication.  And 97% of workers believe that communication impacts tasks every day. 

Internal communications is about giving your staff the big picture and the tools to collaborate.  It helps show employees in different departments they are all part of the same endeavor, moving towards a common purpose.  Communicating internally to your team will translate business strategies into practical ideas that mean something to employees on the ground. 

So what can you do to improve communications at your organization?  Here are the 4 P’s to internal communication strategies:

Especially for tough situations and messages that you need to deliver it can be helpful to picture yourself as a broadcast journalist.  Be sure to bullet point a script and practice, so that the message is received in an authentic and personalized way, as it was intended.  Also, when you walk away from the conversation, be sure you know what next steps you promised.  You can create a checkbox list to assist you.

Finally, ensure that internal communications has a “home” at your company.  Who owns this very important function?  Identify a staff member, preferably on the HR team, who is held accountable for all internal communications messages which align with a Master Internal Communications plan for the company.  Internal communications should provide an effective flow of information between departments and colleagues.  This applies both up and down the management and employee chain and works among employees who are interacting with each other in the company.


Having effective internal communications tools is essential for any well-run company and is necessary for ensuring productivity, good morale, and commitment.