Personality Assessments

Improve communication, productivity and collaboration

We leverage a platform that uses data to provide digital nudges to help individuals and teams improve communication, productivity and collaboration.

Results from multiple assessments are curated into an interactive dashboard that provides ongoing insight, learning, and development for your people and teams. Our coaches will bring these assessments to life supporting you in developing lasting team cohesion and relationships that result in increased productivity, performance, and innovation.

Assessments Include:

16 Types: Assesses 4 areas of an individual’s personality: 1) where energy is received 2) how information is taken 3) how decisions are made 4) outward behavioral tendencies.  

Enneagram: There are 9 personality types with unique motivating drives.  Understanding the differences helps to work more effectively together.  

DISC: Measures how you respond to situations with tendency toward dominance, compliance, influence, and steadiness.  

Strengthscope: Discover underlying qualities that energize others and serves as the strengths to bring their best work and life every day. 

Culture Pulse: Measures values, norms, beliefs, and behavior to demonstrate how culture influences the ways employees behave amongst themselves and people outside the organization. 

Motivating Values: Assess the core values someone has that influence why the person behaves which are fundamental for motivation. 

Energy Rhythm: Brings awareness to an individual’s patterns of focus and energy.  It illuminates what times of day employees are most alert and types of tasks they do best at certain times. 

VIA: Identifies positive character strengths within 6 categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justic, temperance and transcendence showing their character and true self. 

Cliftonstrengths: Assess’ an individual’s top 5 strengths – executing, strategic thinking, influencing, and relationship building.